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Authentic. Experienced. Established.

Bill & Coleen - We began our marriage journey in May of 1982.  Coleen was working at KMTV in the production department and Bill was working at Millard Lumber estimating lumbers for buildings.    On our 1-year wedding anniversary in 1983, we bought our first house for one dollar down (and 18% interest!)  After some experience with various real estate agents, BIll decided to get his license in 1983.  It was shortly after, that Bill quit working for Millard Lumber and we have been 100% commission based.  We have three wonderful kids.  Our oldest Daughter, a nurse,  is a co-admin of a Regional Heart Clinic in North Platte - wife, and mother of 3. Our other daughter is in her last two years of veterinarian medicine, and married to Logan Twist, who is also on our real estate team.  Josiah is a busy 22 year old in many jobs and gaining knowledge for future careers.

We are known as The House Mover as we physically moved our house 11 miles to an acreage in Elkhorn where we have lived for 15 years.  We have lived in 3 other properties, and know the hassles of moving, and even the burden of owning two houses at the same time (and the expenses of that!)

Although Bill grew up in the Omaha area, Coleen grew up on a farm in South Dakota, on a chicken farm gathering 2-3000 eggs a day!  She came to Omaha to attend and graduate from Grace College and is excellent at being in the office as a support staff to our team.  She is delighted to now have Dinette in the office helping with the all the compliance paperwork!

The Bill Black Team is made up of the very best professionals in the real estate business:

Joni Vittetoe & Tracy Bingham joined us 15 years ago . ..

Logan Twist came about 18 months ago and we are happy to now include

Conner Matthew who just recently joined out team.

Dinette Bakker is now our MAIN Transaction Co-Ordinator with

Coleen as the Office Administrator!


We would be delighted to meet with you about your real estate needs.  We want to work with you so give us a call today with any and all of your real estate needs whether it be Relocation, New Construction, Existing Investment Properties, we can help you with it all.


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